Helps Weight Loss and Digestive Health

Size: (200ml)

Rs. 60 / BOTTLE

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This detoxifying green health drink is a combination of yellow cucumber, bottlegourd and bittergourd juice which is perfect for weight loss. This drink comes as a rich source of potassium, folates, vitamin C and major Bioactive compounds. Kashaya in Sanskrit it means astringent in taste which represents the air and the earth elements of five main elements. This Juice has a unique taste with the lot of health benefits hence we call it Kashaya.

Ingredients: Yellow cucumber, Bitter gourd, Bottle gourd and purified water

Yellow cucumber: 170 g Bottle gourd: 170 g Bitter gourd:80 g

Health Benefits

    1. The alkalinity of the minerals in yellow cucumber juice effectively neutralizes acidity and regulates the pH of blood

    2. Cucurbitacin is a naturally occurring compound that is found abundantly in cucumbers and is helps reduce risks of cancer

    3. Doodhi juice is well-known for its diuretic, protects the liver, helps control cholesterol and helps regulate blood pressure 

    4. Karela juice helps in preventing the rise of blood sugar levels and is proven to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity

    5. The high fibre content and low carbohydrate content in Karela helps in weight loss

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